17/00650/FUL | Proposed construction of a steel framed portal frame canopy | Duddo Farm Duddo Berwick-Upon-Tweed Northumberland TD15 2PS.

This application was consented.


16/01691/FUL | Proposed rear extension | East Stable House Grindon Rigg Berwick-Upon-Tweed Northumberland TD15 2PT.

The application was consented.


Shoreswood wind turbine - Appeal Ref. APP/P2935/A/13/2195630.

This application for a 74m wind turbine was unanimously refused by NCC, following the recommendation of a planning officer and the advice of statutory heritage consultees.

Duddo Parish Council submitted a detailed objection to the proposal.

The refusal was appealed and consented. A claim against the appeal consent by Penmar Farming was conceded by the Secretary of State on 9 June, 2014, prior to a hearing.

The consent was quashed by the High Court, costs awarded and the appeal returned to the Planning Inspectorate. 

The appeal was recovered by the Secretary of State for his decision in December, 2014.

The appeal was refused by the Secretary of State, following the new Inspector's recommendation, on 28/09/2015. 

Appeal Ref. APP/P2935/A/13/2195630.

NCC Planning Ref. 11/02725/RENE.


14/03938/FUL | Construction of a general agricultural building to replace older agricultural buildings | Land At North Of Tillmouth Home Farm.

The application was consented.


14/03881/HEGRMN | Hedgerow removal, Grievestead Farm.

Proposed removal of approx. 145m of dead hedgerow and replace it with 240m of new hedgerow.

The application was consented.


14/02360/HEGRMN | Hedgerow removal, Grievestead Farm.

Proposed removal of approx. 130m of old hedge between fields. Proposed to plant approx. 220m of hedge elsewhere on the farm to compensate.

The application was consented .


14/01612/FUL | Extension of existing building (single storey to rear and new front entrance porch). Construction of new detached garage/utility/playroom | Bellwood House, Grindon Rigg.

The application was consented.


13/02691/RENE | Proposed Erection of 2no. wind turbines with a maximum tip height of 34.5m and hub height of 24m and ancillary equipment. | Land North Of Felkington Farm.

NCC unanimously refused this application on 4 March, following the case officer's recommendation, on the grounds of the unacceptable cumulative impact of this scheme and the 74m Shoreswood Farm turbine on Duddo Stones.

The Parish Council objected to this planning application on the grounds of its adverse cumulative impact on the local landscape, the amenity of local residents and on the setting of Duddo Stones.

Fine Energy Ltd appealed this refusal on 27 March. The appeal was dismissed on 8 December, 2014.

NCC Application Ref. 13/02691/RENE.

Appeal Ref. APP/P2935/A/14/2215293.

12/02842/ADE | Installation of a free standing information advertisement board | Land West Of Twizel Bridge Cornhill-On-Tweed Northumberland.

An application by Duddo Parish Council for an information board relating to Twizell Bridge was consented on 2 February, 2013.

13/00341/RENE | To install solar array to west of existing farm | Tiptoe Farm House.

The Council raised no objection to this proposal.

Application consented on 24 April, 2013


12/01654/LBC | Change of use of farm buildings to form education room for farm visits. | Tiptoe Farm House Cornhill-On-Tweed Northumberland TD12 4XD.

This application was supported by councillors. No public representations were received. It was approved on 1 August, 2012.


Representations on planning applications may be made to the Parish Council, which is still nominally consulted on applications within the parish, though Northumberland County Council has recently removed parish councils' previous powers of referral and status as statutory consultees.

You can comment directly on an application on the NCC planning website (click on the planning reference number above), or by email or post to the NCC planning department.